Basic Service: Mowing, Weed Wacking, Edging

Our basic lawn servicing consists of mowing, weed wacking, and edging. The mowing will keep the lawn looking fresh and healthy. Weed Wacking will get rid of overgrown weeds
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Palm Tree Trimming

Palm tree trimming is a quick and easy way to keep them looking fresh and alive. A basic trimming gets rids of the brown or dying fronds, flowers or
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Parking Lot Cleaning

Keeping parking lot clean and inviting is one of our specialties. We will pressure wash, remove leaves and dirt, excess mulch or trash to make your parking area neat
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Clean Ups

Clean ups consist of getting rid of excess trees, weeds, branches, leaves, overgrowth, etc. Fence lines and property boarders also get overrun with vines which can turn your yard
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Junk Removal Service

We provide junk removal service which consists of getting rid of a variety of things such as: old furniture, broken toys, wood piles and debris, basically anything unusable and
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Weed Control post thumbnail

Weed Control

  Weed control is basic maintenance for any lawn or garden. It helps prevent weeds or unwanted plants from invading and taking over desired areas. Weeds can be devastating
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Years Of Experience And Professionalism post thumbnail

Years Of Experience And Professionalism

As owner of the company I have over 15 years experience in the field. I have dedicated a great deal of time and energy into perfecting my work and
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Honest And Dependable post thumbnail

Honest And Dependable

Here at Veterans A + Lawn Care Solutions we employ local veterans from the community. We pride ourselves by being an honest, respectable and reliable business. We are here
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Lawn And Garden Care post thumbnail

Lawn And Garden Care

Lawn and garden care are essential components of your home and property. A well maintained lawn and garden keeps your home looking clean, safe and is pleasing to the
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Pruning Dead And Damaged Branches post thumbnail

Pruning Dead And Damaged Branches

     Pruning away dead and damaged branches not only boosts a yards appearance, but it helps keep insects and diseases that feed on them away from surrounding areas. By
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